APPG Secretariat

Running your APPG

APPGs can be hugely effective vehicles for cross-party, issue-based problem solving – but only with high-quality activity and management.  Under 10% of APPGs currently achieve their full potential as thought leaders actively influencing legislation.  Let us catapult your APPG to the top of the league table – tailoring a boutique service to your subject matter and goals.

Website Development
An engaging, clear website is the first step to a more effective APPG.  We can develop a professional public face for your group, saving interesting businesses, campaigners, and voters the trouble of trawling through a PDF mire to get your details through Parliamentary portals.  We can integrate sophisticated contact and campaigning functionality to interface with other campaigning tools.

Social Media and Content Curation
Develop public and media interest with well-curated social media profiles, cementing your APPG as a thought leader.  We know there’s nothing worse for engagement than profiles that are generic or only have anaemic, infrequent updates – and good content takes time.  We can manage this for you so that an active APPG isn’t piling on the work for you.

Membership Building and Officer Support 
We can achieve the cross-party Commons and Lords membership that an effective APPG needs, and to keep them updated.

Outside Parliament, we can help you bring together a coalition of organisations and businesses as affiliates or supporters to recruit sponsors and so offer a more exciting range of events and campaigns.

Meeting and Event Organisation
Many APPGs with great missions fail simply because the administration falls between the cracks.  We’ll make sure your annual meetings are held and compliant reporting and registration are always up to date.

We’ll also identify the right events to hold for your audience – from formal meetings and evidence sessions, to adventurous events outside of Parliament that illuminate your issues and educate your stakeholders in ways they won’t forget.  We can manage every step of the planning, execution, and follow-up.

Party Conferences 
Bring your APPG to the biggest political audiences at party conferences.  We are experienced conference event deliverers and can help you partner with ministers, media, and influencers to put on a stand-out event or stall.

Research and Reports
Our research team can conduct inquiries and original research, incorporating live evidence sessions and interviews where appropriate, or liaise with and commission external specialists.  For both MPs and members of the public who want a serious, academic exploration of an issue in Parliament, APPG-led investigation is a great option that is more flexible and fast-moving than the overloaded Select Committees.

Media Engagement 
Why just stick to social media and Parliament? To help you reach outside the bubble, we can proactively engage with the media on your APPG campaigns – distributing relevant reports, getting press engagement for events, and helping prepare pieces for you for print and online media, so you get the most exposure for your work.

Digital Campaigning 
Building on your outreach efforts, we can also put our digital campaigning expertise at your service to accurately target digital advertising and boost your campaigns, or create splashy content including issue videos and animations.  Contact us to discuss what tools best suit your APPG – no two issues are the same and we bring a creative, boutique approach to each cause.

Call or email us about your APPG requirements today.