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Balloting Services for Highly Complex Elections

We can supply a range of balloting services for highly complex elections requiring digital, paper, or hybrid ballots. Backed by a highly experienced board of directors who have a shared experience of over 100 years of working in the electoral industry, we understand the importance of compliance with the latest rules, regulations and legislation. An in-house team of returning officers, barristers and industry certified experts provide the much needed expertise and framework that insures against sleepless nights worrying about compliance.

Integrated email and text services can send reminders to your voters that have not yet taken part to cast their votes. We can also confirm to voters their ballot has been received and this removes the uncertainty regarding whether your ballot has been received.

Services include:

  • Management of nomination process
  • Design and distribution of all printed and electronic ballots
  • Membership support service
  • Local authority BID ballots
  • Creation of integrated election campaign material across print, web, and social media
  • Secure print and fulfilment
  • Independent scrutineering including counting, declaration and full report
  • Full customer service support throughout Results analysis
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Margaret Mead.