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Introducing the UCanvass App

UCanvass can be used for political canvassing, charity fundraising, and any other face-to-face data collection purpose, including direct debit donation. UCanvass builds powerful relationships from your iphone or ipad device. Developed in collaboration with canvassers, politicians, local authority staff, volunteers, psychologists, industry professionals, and consultation respondents. 

Features include:

Administrative Panel

The UCanvass Administrative Panel is designed to give you complete control, ensuring the App serves you and not the other way around. Providing insights across the board gives you full accountability to trust the data gathered. 

  • Easy administration of users and set up options allows you to make your campaign entirely bespoke to your needs.
  • Detailed customisation allows branding consistency with your campaign image.
  • Create tailor made campaigns: No one-size fits all!
  • Import datasets at once (and later on, if you decide you want to add more) from xls, csv, NationBuilder or NGP VAN*.
  • Data Mapping – Geolocate addresses where available through Google Maps or manually enter latitude and longitude.
Team Integration

UCanvass can be fully integrated with your campaign ensuring you have ease of access for your team.

  • Add people to your campaign for immediate action.
  • Easy password generation and one-time access codes for new users.
  • User Permission levels enhance information security and makes users accountable for the data they have access to.
  • Customise the UCanvass platform for white label options to ensure that the App integrates with your platform stack.
The Mobile App

UCanvass is designed to be compatible with a range of devices, making it accessible to as many people as possible.

  • Compatible on iOS and Android platforms.
  • FREE to download from the Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Auto-sync offers real-time data from the field so you can focus your campaign.
  • Offline work is automatically uploaded when you return online.
  • Does not require internet connection during data collection – only during initial download and upload of data.
Field Operations

We know users want technology that can be released into the field easily, so UCanvass has been designed to require minimal training: Within minutes you’re good to go!

  • Canvassing, surveying, polling, petitioning, street stalls, voter telling – all available with the mobile App.
  • Messaging – Users can communicate within the app and share vital information immediately.
  • Question time – Collect personal data, text questions, multiple choice, numbered sliders, take photos, record videos and signatures, and more…
  • Action time – “Action” buttons allow you to engage immediately, whether they’re interested in donating, volunteering, or becoming a member.
  • Street Stall function is ideal for campaigns involving recruitment, donations, signature gathering objection or advocate movements.
Campaign Analytics

Data is the core of any campaign and UCanvass gives you deep-dive analytics.

  • Campaign analytics – Take a more detailed look at the results of your campaign in a graphic format.
  • Canvasser analytics – Analyse the efforts of your canvassing teams, take action in real-time, and fine-tune your next canvassing mission.
  • Secure Export – Export the results of your campaign into a spreadsheet or securely use one of our integrations into commonly used services.
Your Digital “Nomenclator”

Canvassing can be traced back nearly 3,000 years to the Roman Republic when candidates would shake hands, kiss babies, and pose for sculpture opportunities with voters in the Forum. Next to them would stand their trusty slave, the Nomenclator, whose task was to remember the names and whisper it in the candidates’ ears so it looked like he knew everyone personally.

In twenty-first century canvassing we have the digital version – UCanvass!

  • View addresses and previous interactions of the people you are meeting with.
  • Review a pre-visit briefing prior to the meeting so you can be fully prepared.
  • Complies with local legislations to find new and potential voters.
Question Types

UCanvass has so many additional features catering for every type of questionnaire:

  • Text boxes to add specific comments and responses.
  • Constant sum: Percentage score out of 100.
  • Simple Yes or No, Agree or Disagree answers.
  • Picture options to select preferred choices.
  • Gain responses to interactive media; for example display proposed housing development plans on screen.
  • Signature authorisation option (with letter signing feature).
  • Take photo/video to add detail and context to any casework.
  • Rating options (1-5 stars).
  • All questions can now be conditional on the response to previous questions.
  • Routing improves the experience for respondents and helps optimise response times, validate answers, and guide users.
Bonus Features
  • Scripts – UCanvass can provide tailored scripts for each campaign.
  • Phone Bank – offers phone number, telephone script and the ability to log any telephone interaction.
  • Maps – available in the App to help you find your stakeholders in the field.
  • Database Integration – UCanvass can integrate with databases that have an API to enable automated transfer of data between the UCanvass database and your own as needed.
  • Management Portal – The Management Portal allows you to have full control over the types of questions asked, the data displayed, and the users who have access.
  • User Reports  – allows managers to monitor staff KPI’s and judge effectiveness of surveys conducted.
  • Smart Actions – triggers email or direct mail to respondents following interaction.

We take the security of your data extremely seriously and we have industry surpassing built-in features to safeguard all data.

  • Front end users are required to have two identifiers to access encrypted data on the App.
  • User access can be restricted to certain datasets giving you full control on instantaneously activating or deactivating user access.
  • UCanvass is ISO 27001 compliant and compatible for iOS and Android.
A NationBuilder Partner

NationBuilder is the world’s most used software for politics and UCanvass is one of their top recommended App partners for collecting data for the NationBuilder platform.

NationBuilder says: 

“UCanvass is exceptionally easy to use for door-to-door voter engagement. The app can be used for all door-to-door interactions, census, registration, and sales. Conducting surveys in digital format enables greater efficiency and syncs back to your nation.”

Market Analysis

UCanvass is intuitive and built with campaigner use in mind. Uniquely, its ease of use means recruiting campaign staff and volunteers is not a problem and introductory training is minimal.

It has been researched and developed at length to be robust, stable, and able to cope with vast amounts of data. Its greatest advantage over market competition is its international flexibility.

UCanvass is ideal for a wide range of campaigning and data gathering purposes:

  • Political parties
  • Charities and third-sector organisations
  • Single-issue action groups
  • Referenda
  • Property development
  • Local government
  • Inspectorate organisations
  • Electioneering

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