Election Campaign Support

How We Can Help You Win

Elections are hard work. Time is short and there’s lots to do. Afterwards, there is always something that you think you might have done better, by then it is too late.  With UK elections delayed because of Covid-19, now is the time to think about those things.

College Green Group is a campaign consultancy with expertise drawn from fighting multiple campaigns across many different platforms. Whether it is messaging, targeting, digital presence or ground campaigning, somebody in our team will have the experience and knowledge to help you hone your campaign and help you win.

We have broken down our campaign support offer into “bite-size” elements. These are set out below. We can do any one of these things for you in its own right, or build a bespoke package to match your exact needs.

Click on the “Buy Now” boxes against each item to purchase individual items*. If you want to make a more general enquiry, click on “Find Out More” and complete the form at the foot of this page. Submit the form to us and we will contact you within one business day.

If you need help urgently, please call John Moss on 07 970 731 826.

Branding and Design

Building from your party logo and core message, we can create a consistent suite of branded content so you present yourself and your message in a way that is instantly recognisable:

Three page website with Home, People and Campaign pages


We will use WordPress Elementor to create a bespoke site for your campaign and then train one of your team to maintain it. 

The Home page hosts your latest news, links to events and feeds from your social media. There’s a sign-up form to feed a mailer account, a contact window and a donate box.

The People page hosts details of all your candidates, linking through to their personal websites and/or social media accounts.

The Campaigns page lets you tell the voters where you stand on issues that matter to them, but also hosts surveys and petitions so you are gathering people’s views and contact details in a fully GDPR compliant way.

We will take your text and images and build the entire site for you, including a survey function for data capture. We will also train one of your team to keep the site up to date and we include a domain name if not already provided.

 “This is an excellent product if you want something specifically for an election campaign.”

Single-issue campaign website


We can deliver a party-branded or campaign-specific website for a single issue which lets you gather responses to surveys or petitions, with fully GDPR compliant data collection so you can retain and use the contact details provided by voters. 

We will take your text and images and build the page for you. We will also train one of your team to keep the site up to date and we include a domain name if not already provided.

Social Media Platform Set-up

£250 per platform

Social Media platforms provide you with a gateway into your local community groups and are an invaluable tool to drive traffic to website surveys. We can build or refresh social media platforms with branded and up-to-date content so you can keep in touch with your community and build you profile and support.

Traditional Media

£50 per item

We can create literature templates for your campaign in the format of your choice, presenting a common and consistent brand image to your voters. We will prepare these in common software formats and train a member of your team to build your individual products*.

  • Business cards
  • Campaign letterhead
  • Doorstep calling card
  • A5 single issue flyer
  • A4 campaign leaflet
  • A3 campaign leaflet
  • Window/garden poster
  • GOTV product
  • Election day product
* If you require CGG to prepare the actual content for these items, we would charge a further £50 per item.

Plan Now

Before the pressure of the campaign builds, get the basics down on paper: Legal dates; funding limits, target audiences, canvassing time, print and delivery deadlines etc

Campaign Plan


We can build your campaign plan now so that you are clear about what needs doing, when and by whom.

A timetabled plan for literature, canvassing and GOTPV/GOTV with resource planning so you know how many people you need to deliver key tasks, key legal dates and literature copy deadlines.

Fundraising Plan


Elections cost money and it is never too early to start planning to raise the funds you will need.

We can agree a fundraising target with you and help you to plan the events and campaigns you will need to run in order to reach it.

Constituency Audit


A deep dive into the data available on your electorate and your activist team can help you plan effectively and target the right voters at the right time. 

Build specific campaigns based on people’s declared issue positions. Use your e-mail and phone data on pledges to recruit activists, build delivery networks and build up your election-winning team.

Facebook Community Audit


Community pages and groups in Facebook offer an excellent opportunity to promote candidates, campaigns and single-issues and to drive traffic to petitions and surveys.

We will research your local area and find the most important, relevant and most-followed community pages and groups with which your candidates can engage. We will also identify where issues that might be relevant to your campaign do not have a page or group, allowing you to create these to build your presence within your community.

Multi-Buy Offer


Buy all four of the above items together and get £500 off the combines price of the individual items.

Get Set

Getting the technical aspects of your campaign sorted well in advance means that when it gets to the sharp end of a campaign, you are not struggling to master new technology to deliver your campaign aims

Domain Name and linked


We can set you up with a campaign specific domain name and linked email account so you stand out from the generic council and association traffic.

*Domain-linked e-mail addresses are required to set up Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Advertising Authorisation

£50 if bought with our Domain name and email item above)

Where we are setting up your domain name and linked email we can organise your Facebook authorisation at the same time.

Facebook Advertising Authorisation

£100 if you already have a domain name with linked e-mail account

If you already have a domain linked email we can secure the authorisation for you.

Mailers, (Bulk e-mail tool)


An internet mailer allows you to contact your team and your electors in a GDPR compliant way without the risk of getting swept up or blocked as spam. We can set up an account for you and build you two branded templates for your team and for the wider electorate. 

The mailer is integrated with the surveys and petitions on our websites so you can instantly select people to contact about specific issues.

Mailers, (additional templates)

£50 per additional tempate

As the mailer is integrated with the surveys and petitions on our website you will build up campaign-specific audiences which you may want to contact using different branding. If you use your mailer for GOTV, you might want to differentiate your message between postal and polling station voters. 

We can prepare additional templates for you so you are getting the right message across to the electorate at the right time. 

Fundraising platform set up


People will give money to your campaign but few candidates promote this effectively. We can start by setting up a Donorbox account for you to use on all digital and print media.

Digital Campaigning

Door to door canvassing misses 60% of all households. Traditional literature relies on getting read between the doormat and the recycling bin. But people now engage through social media far more than ever before. Social Media users can be targeted by location and by demographics so we reach your key electors.

Facebook Advertising Campaign

£250 (plus Facebook advertising costs payable in addition)

We can create a bespoke advert for your campaign, with four variants, targeted at 10,000 electors. This will run for a set period of time, during which the ads are fed into the targeted recipient’s Facebook feed.

Local Newspaper Website Advertising Campaign

£250 (plus the cost of placing the advert and any extra charges for impressions)

Local newspaper websites get thousands of page views every week.  We can prepare the content for adverts in the format required by your local newspaper and deliver a three, five or seven day campaign, placing your key messages in front of thousands of electors.


A vital part of our campaign support is training your activists to use the software and tools we can equip you with. We can conduct sessions in small groups, or one-to-one, in person or online.

Training sessions

£75 per one hour session for up to six people

We can cover the following:

  • Identifying target voters
  • Using campaign software
  • Canvassing
  • Messaging
  • Building delivery networks
  • Using mailers
  • Websites
  • Fundraising

Campaign Support Enquiry Form

We can build a bespoke package of campaign support from the items below and if you are fighting multiple wards or divisions and want to use multiple versions of the same templates, this will of course be reflected in the price we charge. 

Let us have an e-mail address and phone number and one of our team will contact you within one business day.

If your enquiry is urgent, please call John Moss on 07 970 731 826.