Public Life

Preparing You for Public Life

Preparation for Public Life is a unique service that helps politicians at local, regional and national level review, improve and build up their digital profile.

In the digital age a politician can be found to be lagging, or indeed place their reputation at risk, if they are not prepared to properly consider and allocate resources to their digital footprint.

College Green Group are experts in this field and we can build up your profile accordingly.

Your Path to Being Elected

College Green Group is here to help you reach your destination regardless of where you are in your path to getting elected.

  • Social media – Creating a concise media grid which outlines the social media plan for the campaign in a timed, organised and strategic way.
  • Digital review – Production of a detailed digital background check on individuals and their close associates for the purpose of highlighting issues that could draw media attention and reputational damage.
  • PAB Application review and Training – Providing prospective and current political candidates with advice and support including PAB training, selection guidance, application and CV writing, strategic seat analysis, and coaching.
  • Selection training – Putting you in the same conditions as a PAB and rehearsing key lines and speeches under pressure. Importantly, we are here both when things go well, and when things go badly, to keep you on track and focused on your goals.
  • Building your presence – Once you have been selected for a seat, we can help you build your presence within your constituency, by providing digital and social media content creation, online advertising, video graphics, leaflets and campaign strategy.
  • Media training – TV, radio, or in front of a panel, we will give you the skills to confidently undertake any media appearance delivering your key messages that hold up to scrutiny.
  • Winning your election – We understand the importance of supporters, volunteers and staff in a campaign and keeping them informed and involved. We grow engagement and work with you on creating grassroots campaigns to maximise your campaign team.
  • Building success – After your successful election, we can help with media consistency, local brand improvement, planning for future local elections, increasing your data on local concerns and voting intentions, throughout the entire peacetime process.

Making the Most of Your Time in Office

May we extend our congratulations to you on your election to Parliament. As a new MP, you are entitled to funds with which to equip your new office. College Green Group are here to assist you with all the essentials to get you up and running and ensure your time in office is effective with tangible results you can publicise, now is the time to ensure your re-election:

  • Fully designed website with social media built-in to connect with your supporters.
  • Promotional videos which can be added to your website – perhaps documenting your first few months at the Palace of Westminster? Or putting across your messages for the forthcoming parliament?
  • Constituency bible – have to hand a fully researched document of your constituency with key contacts and issues so you can always have the facts to hand.
  • Online Ambassadors – using online engagement, we can equip you with all the relevant data to build networks on specific issues that are key to your office. 
  • Fake-Fixed is a market-leading digital service that combats fake news threats that can damage reputations. We monitor your complete identity profile to ensure you are provided with positive reputational rebuttal countering any negative coverage.
  • Speech-writing – your maiden speech will often be what your entire political career will be measured by; Let us make your message and key points shine through. Public Speaking coaching is also available.
  • Public Life is a unique service that helps new MPs review, improve and build up their digital footprint and also to make sure your family’s online presence is secured and locked down as needed.

Why not give us a call on 020 7776 9000 for an informal discussion of your needs, Contact to set up an appointment.