College Green Group Services:

Support Services for Campaigns

As expert campaigners, our team is perfectly placed to support you with insight-lead engagement plans, focus groups, literature development and website building. Discover our full range of campaign support services below

Content Development

Written, image based and video content are some of the best ways to engage customers or voters with your key messages. Tell us your story and we will create the content to help you tell it, and reach those you want to reach.

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Digital Reviews

Production of a detailed digital background check on individuals and their close associates for the purpose of highlighting issues that could draw media attention and reputational damage.

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Engagement Plans

Creating communications designed to engage potential customers, voters or campaign supporters and donors is second nature to our team. Come to us with your proposition and we will design bespoke, insight-lead engagement plans that will grab the attention of those you want to reach. 

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Focus Groups

Our experienced moderators will ensure your focus groups are engaging and insightful. Useful information yielded by the discussions will equip you with detailed feedback and concise next steps.

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We can develop ongoing campaign literature for Candidates, Charities and Companies, to be used on websites, mailers, flyers and brochures.

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Media Monitoring

Punctual and vetted reports tracking and analysing press and social media conversations relevant to your brand or sector provide a vital insight. We’ll deliver detailed reports with high level analysis to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. 

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Social Media

Effective social media strategy helps brands and campaigns reach large audiences if implemented correctly. Our team will work with you to develop content and outline your tone of voice to ensure your social media delivers.

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Now more than ever before, a website that reflects you / your campaign through the inclusion of engaging content and an enjoyable user experience is a must. Our expert designers and developers will create a website that showcases who you are in the best way possible.

Speak to our team about custom built websites. 

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Margaret Mead.