Everything a Candidate Needs to Know

The College Green Group have an extensive WarBook for every seat in the country. They are up-to-date records of everything a candidate would need to know about a local area ahead of a selection. Let us take care of the research leaving you more time to focus on presentation and delivery.

WarBooks include:

  • Wards and Councillors
  • Electoral history
  • Demographic, economic, health and crime information
  • A summary of the local plan
  • Information on associations (including officers, financial position and summary of the online presence)
  • List of schools, GPs, hospitals and places of worship
  • List of local charities
  • Local council campaigns and controversies
  • The current representative’s activity in the past 12 months
  • Key issues in local media
  • Council and Police and Crime Commissioner Budget
  • Mobile and broadband coverage
  • Local media
  • Opposition research and competition research

All WarBooks come with 5 hours of additional district research of your choice.

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