Getting elected

Becoming a Conservative MP

If you want to get elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament, you will first need to show the very best of yourself to those who approve people to stand as candidates and those who select them to fight specific seats.

The College Green Group team can support and guide you along every step of your journey to Westminster.

For a confidential chat about how we can help you, please call John Moss on 07970 731826.

The team at College Green Group were instrumental in preparing me for my selection, campaign, and subsequent election to the target seat. I would highly recommend their advice, expertise and training on all things campaigning.

Theo Clarke MP

So, you want to be an MP?

Our team will prepare you to make the first step towards becoming an MP with a review of your personal life, career, and Party history, preparing you to present the best version of yourself throughout the approval process.

We will analyse your personal history, highlighting achievements you may have taken for granted in your personal life, community, or charity work.

We will review your professional CV, identifying relevant experience and highlighting successes that you can use to you present yourself as effectively as possible.

We will go through your involvement with the Conservative Party, showcasing the areas where you have delivered for your community or constituency and how this has helped prepare you for Westminster.

Finally, we will explore your Conservative values in a discussion of current news and political matters, to help you become comfortable in setting out your views and justifying them.

Your application

We will:

  • Prepare you for the questions and challenges you are likely to face as you progress through the process.
  • Carry out a full digital review to identify any potential risks in your online footprint, advise of security measures, and any other risks.
  • Work with you to craft the responses that you include in your form to highlight the issues and policies that you are passionate about.
  • Hone the wording to demonstrate how you have campaigned or otherwise raised the profile of those issues.
  • Draw out the ideological and philosophical underpinnings that demonstrate your commitment to the values which drive the Conservative movement.
  • Identify your key personal attributes and how they match those the Party is seeking and help you to draw on the situations from your personal, professional, and Party history which demonstrate the key competencies the Party is looking for in its MPs.

Preparing for your assessment day

A unique feature of the College Green Group service is an individual one-day practice for your Re-list Assessment Centre.

You will come into our offices in Westminster for a whole day and work one-to-one with the College Green team to prepare you for your day at the Assessment Centre. We will help you understand the tasks you will face and equip you with the tools to deliver your best performance on the day itself. We will work through examples of Situational Judgement Tests and Developmental Psychometrics, as well as working on your elevator pitch and core competencies interview.

Before you head off to the Assessment Centre, we will give you a thorough review, including video analysis, and highlight those areas where further improvement may be required.

Getting selected

Once you are on the Approved List, we will schedule regular calls with you to keep improving your performance with a view to you being selected as a candidate for a winnable seat.

We can offer a bespoke Approved Candidate website to highlight your activism and campaigns and link this to refreshed Social Media accounts.

We will review your seat CV and help you define potential target seats where you have a good prospect of progressing to the selection.

Once you are in the selection process, we can assist you with seat research and advice on the key local issues you need to be aware of.

We can offer a robust Q&A preparation where our team will critique your speech content and presentation and then fire up to 200 questions at you so you can be ready for anything.

And when you are selected for a seat, we can assist with the first 24-48 hours with a prepared media plan to announce your candidacy and kick off your election campaign proper.

Getting elected

The College Green team is here to help you win.

We can deliver a complete digital makeover to re-present you as the candidate for your seat, focusing on the campaigns and issues you will be fighting on.

We can help you plan your election campaign, looking at; fundraising, team building and training, community campaigning, and media.

We can create bespoke target audiences for you to canvass, with campaign messaging designed to maximise turnout.

We can help you to build email and phone data (in a fully GDPR compliant way) to use in the final stages of your campaign.

Establishing yourself in Parliament

College Green Group has a record of helping people get elected, but once you are in Parliament, we can help you build the foundations of your political career.

We can help you craft that all-important maiden speech, help you establish your Westminster office, find constituency office premises, recruit and train your staff and help you work in the areas in which you are interested/expert through All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

And we can set up incumbency campaigns during your time in Parliament and be there to help you win – again – at the next election.

Being an MP is not the only elected office you can aspire to. There are many other roles where the team at College Green Group can help you present the best possible version of yourself to the world.

To book a confidential call with one of our team please contact John Moss by email on 07970 731826.