Public affairs

The world of politics can be confusing. We deliver insight into the policies and personalities in Westminster, lobby to change legislation, and build understanding, relationships and rapport.

Engaging and influencing

Politics is perhaps more complicated than ever before. Navigating the layers of political power, policy-making and parliamentary protocol can prove frustrating and fruitless. We’re here to help.

Our lobbying capabilities place high value on knowledge and insight, as well as on developing relationships and rapport. If you need a team who will simplify the complex, cut through the jargon, and facilitate high level engagement, talk to us.

College Green Group’s experience in public affairs campaigns spans corporations and charities, as well as working closely with foreign governments that wish to share their narratives and build their networks in more convincing and compelling ways.

Policy Liaison Groups

PLGs are dynamic and effective cross-party forums enabling businesses and other organisations to connect with parliamentarians around specific policy areas. These convening platforms enable collective and individual voices from industry to be heard, providing sounding boards for politicians in spaces that enable a free exchange of ideas, and are intended to result in policy consensus.

College Green Group provides the Secretariat for a series of PLGs on major issues including Housing, Levelling Up, and ESG. They convene leading thinkers and actors in each industry or policy area to discuss matters of importance and develop stronger connections, to the benefit of policymakers, industry representatives and society.

Sustainability Hub

We have a dedicated team, committed to understanding and communicating the changing world of environmental, social and governance issues. Major sustainability objectives such as achieving net zero, reducing biodiversity loss, and raising equality are sources of strong cross-party consensus, but also shifting timetables, competing ambitions, and conflicting narratives.

The Sustainability Hub team provides Secretariat services for the Policy Liaison Group on ESG, using its expertise to produce the monthly Sustainability Bulletin. We gain detailed insight into the intersection between politics, policy and best practice in this arena. Through these activities, the team has a deep understanding of the complex interplay between existing legislation, government policies, regulatory mandates, and emerging political trends in Westminster and Whitehall. We have the knowledge, experience, and strategic acumen to provide effective, tailored solutions to support your sustainability objectives in an ever-changing environment. 

Sustainability monitoring

Sustainability is fast-changing, complex and broad in scope. We know how vital it is to companies, investors, and other actors to remain well-informed on policy and regulatory developments, both domestically and internationally. Our Sustainability Bulletin satisfies this need by providing concise information and analysis in an accessible format. It maps attitudes towards different aspects of sustainability across Parliament and Government to illustrate how the sustainability agenda is likely to move forward.

If you’re ready to talk about how we can help, contact us to find out more.

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