Once elected

As a new MP, you will be under pressure to quickly find your feet in Parliament, meet lots of local residents and businesses and you will receive lots of correspondence.

Your first days in office

College Green Group is here to assist you with the essentials to get you up and running in the first few days and weeks. We can help you ensure your time in office is effective with tangible results as you build your reputation as a local champion.

The time to start your re-election campaign is now

  • Strategic advice – How do you start to build your profile? What policy areas are you engaged with? What campaigns you wish to start, expand, or join.
  • Constituency Directory – a bible of key facts, figures and contacts in your constituency to help you have everything to hand to get organised for your work in the constituency.
  • Temporary Casework support – every newly elected MP is inundated with correspondence in their first few weeks. We can help sort, prioritise and reply to this correspondence, whilst you find the permanent staff that are right for you.
  • Fully designed website and social media platforms to quickly establish your local, online presence with up-to-date images, videos and content, perhaps to document your first weeks in the Palace of Westminster, and set out your priorities for the coming parliamentary term.
  • Speech-writing – your maiden speech will often be what your entire political career will be measured by; Let us make your message and key points shine through. Public Speaking coaching is also available.
  • New voter engagement – an automated process for writing to people as they join the electoral register in your constituency, including sending birthday cards to those who turn 18.
  • Fake-Fixed – a market-leading digital service that combats fake news threats that can damage reputations. We monitor your complete identity profile to ensure you are provided with positive reputational rebuttal countering any negative coverage.
  • Building your incumbency – using online engagement, we can help you build the network of activists, supporters and followers across the constituency who will give you the head start on re-election.
  • Building the relationship with your Association and Members – Going beyond the election thank-you party, you will need to draw on the support of your local party officers and activists. Outside the heat of a general election, do they need more training, what gaps and cracks did you identify in that campaign that we can help you fill?
Why not give us a call  for an informal discussion of your needs, or email us to set up an appointment:

+44 (0)20 7776 9000
thomas.borwick@collegegreengroup.com john.moss@collegegreengroup

Bronze package

Minimum three months

Silver package

Minimum six months

Gold package Minimum six months
Average time commitment per week4 hours6 hours8 hours
Strategic AdviceYesYesYes
Constituency Directory YesYes
Casework supportYesYesYes
Website & Social Media YesYes
Images & Videos  Yes
Speech writingYesYesYes
New voter engagementYesYesYes
Fake fixed  Yes
Incumbency planning  Yes
Association relations  Yes
Monthly fee£4,000£6,000£8,000

The cost of the services in bold are likely to be claimable from IPSA. It is unlikely those in italics will be.

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