GE24: Which party goes further on its net zero ambitions?

Air pollution by brick factory in Mahalaxmi Municipality Ward no. 4, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Both the Conservatives and Labour recognise that the issue of the environment and sustainability is now a driving issue for many millions of voters in ways it has never previously been. How can they square their fiscal agendas with this groundswell of support for ‘greening’ the economy?

GE24: What does the future hold for housing?

The manifestos have landed – and housing plays a crucial pillar supporting the parties’ plans for the future. They also offer glimpses into the how the YIMBY movement may grow.

A return to (Re)form

Leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage speaking with supporters at a "Liberty for Trump" event at the Graduate Hotel in Tempe, Arizona.

Nigel Farage is back and his promise to “change British politics for good” has never been more within reach as he climbs ever closer to polling even with the Conservatives.

Which party ‘owns’ the economy?

The Conservative Party has long been regarded as the party of fiscal responsibility – but the public now disagrees. Is it Labour’s issue now?

What’s next for Speaker Hoyle?

Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s long week has turned into a survival for his speakership where those he has championed on the parliamentary backbenches will determine his political fate.

January 2024 – Global elections recap

Read a summary of the key elections that occurred in January 2024 – at the start of a year where over 2 billion people will vote in more than 60 countries.