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Account Executive / Campaign Executive

College Green Group account executives/campaign executives (AEs/CEs) are reliable, motivated, multi-skilled, client facing team members who (alongside campaign managers/account managers) serve as a point of contact on a day to day basis for our clients, and are responsible to help deliver services and results against briefs and plans. They are focused on delivering tactical work for clients, efficiently and within timeframes and budgets. They ordinarily work across multiple clients and campaigns.

Primary duties and capabilities

Managing client relationships, campaigns and projects on a day to day basis, in line with contractual agreements – adhering to College Green Group principles, delivering results and working with/reporting to a senior team member across each client relationship, campaign or project. Responsible for:

  • Managing workloads proactively (including managing up)
  • Helping to manage client expectations
  • Providing internal and external progress updates (which may include updating software/CRM systems, contact/meeting reports, rolling notes, formal updates and presentations)
  • Clearly briefing and working with other team members
  • Demonstrating ability to work unaided where required
  • Ability to contribute to client meetings and ensure that they are productive and clearly documented with action points and timeframes
  • Completing project reports to a high standard
  • A working knowledge of the main social media networks and platforms for business and political campaigns (at present, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube)
  • Undertaking research tasks to a consistently high standard
  • Taking responsibility for preparing thorough and timely handover notes when going on holiday, and communicating them clearly to relevant team members
  • Any other duties as reasonably required by colleagues (in consultation with line manager and/or SMT)

Primary characteristics and behaviours

  • Good attention to detail
  • Good commercial awareness, including the ability to negotiate with suppliers, budget (and stay to budget), and price services accordingly (and in line with our rate cards)
  • Enthusiasm to learn and develop new skills, competencies and capabilities
  • Proactivity in helping other team members to succeed, generating new business leads, originating revenue-generative ideas and in creating opportunities for College Green Group to grow and develop
  • Demonstrating a desire to be a team player, and to help other colleagues achieve success
  • Commitment to values of integrity and individualism, and to being innovative, inspirational and informative
  • Willingness to go beyond contracted hours in relevant situations

Core knowledge

  • Understanding of the British political landscape, including the UK Parliament and media landscape
  • Working knowledge of Google Docs and other systems and platforms used by CGG

Secondary duties and capabilities

(Note: not all team members are expected to have all of these capabilities, but all AEs/CEs are expected to have some of these capabilities, and perform some of these duties)

  • Social media management across platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and YouTube – to include content creation, curation and commissioning, content scheduling, devising and maintaining social media guidelines, and measurement and evaluation against KPIs
  • Website design and build
  • Scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing and post-production of video
  • Graphic design
  • Moderating focus groups
  • Structuring qualitative and quantitative research proposals
  • Media relations, including writing op-eds, features, news releases, ghostwritten articles etc.
  • Crisis communications and proactive reputation management
  • Event planning and management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Copywriting
  • Proficiency in privacy policies, GDPR compliance and data management
  • Selling additional services, such as sponsorships for APPGs, the UCanvass App and other products and services, such as College Green Group creates and markets from time to time
  • Supporting and training other team members in order to upskill the wider team (e.g. providing training on Elementor/WordPress)
  • Volunteer management and motivation
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Ability to use paid social media (Google Adwords, Facebook, other pay-per-click) including targeting, budget management and reporting
  • Data analytics skills

Application details

Please send your CV and a Cover Letter to